Week C1- EC

  1. What did you think of the A-B-C format?
    • I really enjoyed this format because I was able to focus on my other classes during the rest periods and then focus on this class in the middle weeks of the semester.
  2. What did you think of the 4 Messy Hands activities? (Plaster Casting, Sketching in the Garden, Graffiti Writing & Finger Painting)
    • These were my favorite activities because it involved me doing something hands-on which for me is a lot more entertaining and there’s less room for error.
  3. What did you think of the 4 Life Design activities? (Design Thinking, ePortfolio, Environmental Portrait, vlog)
    • These activities were a bit harder for me because it felt more like homework versus an art activity, but they were more helpful for everyday life.
  4. What did you think of the Student Choice & One More activities?
    • This was a great concept because it allowed us our own creative ability and design something that represents us all individually.
  5. What did you think of visiting the SOA Galleries, having Conversations with SOA Artists, and blogging about them?
    • At first, I did not like this idea because I am kind of shy, but after a few conversations and I felt more comfortable talking.
  6. What did you think of using the class website, glenn.zucman.com/i2va, plus your own websites, instead of BeachBoard?
    • I think it worked well. It was hard getting used to at first because it was a new website, but overall it was well organized and easy to follow.
  7. What did you think of using WordPress for your blog?
    • I liked using wordpress for my blog because I have a personal blog on wordpress and I was already familiar with it.
  8. What did you think of using Wix for your ePortfolio?
    • I actually used the blog I already had that was made on wordpress, so I am not familiar with wix.
  9. What did you think of the guest speakers? (Internships, Study Abroad, etc)
    • The guest speakers were extremely helpful because they all talked about different things that I would not be able to find time to go out and figure each thing out. They gave me new perspectives on things like internships and studying abroad.
  10. What did you think of the times in class when we took time to meet new classmates? How many Art110 peeps did you know before the class started? How many do you know now?
    • In this class I was able to meet so many people. I came into this class not knowing a single person and I was very intimidated, but I became comfortable very quickly and have met about 3 really good friends.
  11. What did you think about having a class with no tests? I don’t just mean “was it cool to not have to take any,” but students use tests to guide their study and participation in a class. Students tend to learn what’s on the test, and to not learn anything that isn’t. Did not having exams make it harder to focus or find importance and relevance in the class?
    • No exams my experience much better because I was able to focus on what was happening in class versus focusing on specifics that would be on a test.
  12. Any other thoughts?
    • I really enjoyed this class and I am so glad I had the opportunity to take it. Glenn is such an amazing teacher and he is really inspires me to go out and do things. 

Week C1- Art & my Life

        Throughout my experience in ART 110, I have been able to create so many memories and do things that I had never thought I would do on my own. I have learned about not only myself, but how to express myself and my creative ability. I feel as though I finally found what I love to do and that is something I never want to let go of. This class has really let me escape from the reality of a class that gives multiple assignments and tests, and truly has let me relax while working towards the goals I really want to achieve. I have been able to test the waters with my photography skills and I have attached some photos that I have recently taken. I have seen myself progress tremendously and I am so glad that I have been able to challenge myself with this class.

        First, it started with a couple of weeks of, well, basically not art. We sat in a lecture hall for about the first month of school starting. At the beginning, I thought this class was a waste of time because none of those days seemed relevant to me. I thought the whole semester was going to be like that and I did not think it was going to be enjoyable. After the second week, Glenn started to map out how the semester was going to play out and I slowly began to become more fond of the idea. We had a few guest speakers, and I think that is what made me more engaged. I was able to connect myself with the speakers that came in and learned a lot about how I can enhance my education during my stay at CSULB. I started to like the idea of not having any tests or assignments and hoped it stayed like that through the semester.

        During the second portion of the semester, we started to buckle down and get to work. We started to do artist conversations and actual art projects. At first, I was a bit hesitant on the artist conversations because I like to keep to myself and I am not very outgoing when I first meet someone. My first few conversations were kind of rough and I was not very confident. After my third or fourth conversation, I can proudly say that I accomplished it. I became a lot more confident in talking to the artists and actually enjoyed talking to them without thinking of it as an assignment. As for the art projects, I really enjoyed going out with people I had met in class and doing projects together. For example, plaster casting; this was my favorite activity because I was able to go to the beach with some students of the class and we all worked together in figuring out what we were doing. To be honest, I never knew what plaster casting was so I was completely lost. All of the projects have challenged my creative ability, but the one thing I have learned is that everyone has their own idea of art and what you think is bad, might be someone’s idea of amazing. We should never feel put down just because what we create does not look like the art of someone you look up to. Everyone is unique in their own way and we need to create things that resemble ourselves so that we can put all of our ability into it.

        We are now in the last few weeks of the semester and I can honestly say that this class provided me with the most fun I have had in school. Not only has this class taught me about art, but it has taught me how to communicate with others and it has allowed me to make some great friends. I have truly found my place in art and that is blogging. I have started to actively post on my blog and photograph things that I enjoy doing, which is cooking. I have learned that there are so many forms of art and it really does play in a role in everyday life. I have become inspired by studying abroad and it is something that I really want to do. I think it is important to experience things, not only while we are young, but for the rest of our lives.

Week B10-One More

The first time I did a vlog, I felt as though I was very nervous and had a hard time coming up with what I was going to say. I felt kind of awkward talking to a camera since I don’t usually do that.

This time around I was hoping to be less nervous and try to relax and think about what I wanted to say. I told myself I would write out some notes so I would not forget and to just be myself and act as if no one was watching.

Overall, I feel that this vlog was significantly better than the first because I was more prepared and I knew what I had to work on since the first time.

Week B9- Finger Painting

This experience was a lot different than anything I had ever done before. It was a lot more difficult than I had expected because your fingers are not anything like paint brushes. The experience of painting without a subject was stressful at the beginning because I wanted it to be perfect, but after a couple tries I realized that it is actually very relaxing to just make your art flow with no end point. Compared to other paintings, my is no where as near as good as them because it was very difficult for me. Overall, it was a fun experience, but I did struggle trying to make it look good.

Week B9- Artist Conversation Short Story- Jenni Huynh


Artist:  Jenni Huynh

Exhibition: Deciduous

Media: Illustration and animation

Gallery: Gatov West

Website: N/A

Instagram: N/A


My name is Amanda and from a young age I have loved to document my life in a journal. I have always seen it as a way to express myself without the opinions of others. It has made me feel safe, but also so open at the same time. I started writing when I was 6, but I did it as a diary. I would include things such as who I had a crush on or who were my friends. My writing has evolved in so many ways and has made me stronger woman.

I stopped writing at the age of 10, because my brother found my diary and made fun of me. After this incident, I felt insecure, but I felt as if a part of me was missing. I was not close to anyone in my family so my only outlet was my journal, but my insecurity took that away from me.

It was not until my senior year of high school that I began writing again. My godmother had gifted me an antique journal that she had found at a thrift shop and I fell in love. When I began writing, I felt as if I had a weight being lifted off of my shoulders. At this moment I knew I would never give up writing.

I now write about my thoughts and emotions and what I wish I could do. I realized that the more I think about and write out what I want to do,the easier it becomes to accomplish. I like to visualize myself as a young woman who can conquer the world. Someone who can destroy all barriers and rise up to the the highest levels. I do not look for inspiration when I write because it is a matter of letting out my own thoughts and portraying how I view the world. There are many times in my life where I have felt lost and confused, but as those times pass, I realize that I must stick to what I love. Find what you live and stick with it until you find something better. Never let someone bring you down or push you away from what you want to accomplish.



Week B8- Vlogging

In my video, I was hoping to inform readers on my major and how I decided I wanted to major in Nutrition/dietetics. I feel as though I accomplished what I hoped to accomplish because I spoke about my inspirations and personal background that led me to choosing my major. Next time, I would want to create a more detailed and creative video that shows my true personality, since I felt a little bit camera shy. I used to film a lot when I was younger and it was a lot easier because I did not have a care in the world, but I feel as if now that I am older, it is a little bit harder to make videos due to wanting to be professional. I would probably vlog again since it is something I’ve always loved to do, but I will do more recipe related videos.